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    Shortly after winning the IF Design Award 2015, the Actiu Wing chair also became the winner of the internationally recognized Red Dot Design Award 2015. The panel of the Red Dot Award, made up of almost 40 international design professionals, picked out Wing from more than 3000 participants from 50 countries. 



    Wing was designed by Ramos & Bassols for Actiu.

    According to the designers, “the Wing chair is a very mature project. The complexity lies in the audacity to endow a chair with simple lines and proportions controlled to surround a generously large backrest. That aesthetic balance was our obsession... To get the end result, the backrest and its hind legs had to go through many changes”.

    The chair is manufactured using an innovative gas injection technology, resulting to a compact, lightweight and stable piece that’s easy to stack and transport.



    Wing is a furniture piece of well-proportioned and balanced shapes.  It is light but robust, with comfortable geometry and a backrest that wraps around the traditional wooden seat; an elegant fusion of technology and tradition. The result is a unique but versatile chair, easy to adapt to a multitude of spaces – even outdoors!