Extremis, this is not furniture, these are tools for togetherness. 

Extremis uses durable material with regards to aging, ecology and maintenance such as wood, steel, aluminum, composite and plastic, fabric and leather.

With over 50 design awards, Extremis proves the originality of its designs.

Extremis Awards:

Ambassador of West Flanders

2013 AZ Award - Winner

2008 Designpreis Nominee - Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany

DME Award

DME Award Sustainability

FX Award - International Interior Design Awards

German Design Award - Winner

German Design Award - Special Mention

Good Design                                                                                                                                       Interior Innovation Award - Winner                                                       

Green Good Design                                                                                                                           The Export Lion 2009 - Winner                                                                                                            Red Dot Award                                                                                                                                       IF Award  

Henry Van De Velde - Label                                                                                                                Genomineerde KMO 2008 Luareaat

Henry Van De Velde - Award                                                                                                              MD Award - best of 2011

Hermes Creative Award                                                                                                                       Schöner Wohnen Neue Klassiker - New Classic Award

I.D. Award                                                                                                                                                Design a Vivre

International Design Excellence Award 2013                                                                                   Province of West Flanders