Qui Est Paul



Qui Est Paul is a French brand, created in 1998. It offers a wide and varied collection of contemporary furniture design for indoor and/ or outdoor. It symbolizes the creativity and innovation that lies within the brand itself. This brand manufactures each piece at their factory in Charente, France, where they control all stages of production and ensure the high quality. Qui Est Paul uses polyethylene for its furniture which is renewable and environment-friendly material. With their mastery in rotational molding, the brand produces sculptural pieces that still remain lightweight, functional and ergonomic and 100 percent renewable. The brand comes in a range of 17 bold and vibrant colours. You can choose almost any colour right from the bright shades to more subtle shades  for your terrace, poolside, garden, or anywhere.

Qui Est Paul’s  philosophy is to give life to the most original ideas, with their craftsmanship in the service of creativity.