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  • About Bisley


    Bisley is the UK's largest manufacturer of steel storage for the office and the home, with a state-of-the-art factory in Newport, Wales, and a showroom on Great Portland Street, central London.

    Founded in 1931 by sheet metal worker Freddy Brown, Bisley is proud to be a leader in office storage innovation and is firmly established as a pioneer in its field. Architects and end-users continue to specify Bisley products, reassured by an unyielding commitment to design excellence and unrivalled technical expertise.



    Filing cabinets, pedestals, cupboards, shelving and mobile storage make up the extensive Bisley systems collection.

    Bisley knows that you can’t compromise when it comes to choosing workplace storage. Even the best-designed office can be ruined by inefficient, clunky systems, which is why Bisley’s comprehensive, effective, and most importantly, adaptable range of storage products is a top choice for specifiers across the UK and beyond.

    Space efficiency is key to a successful office and Bisley understands that storage must work extra hard to deliver on this front whilst maintaining high design standards. This is essential for workplace environments where image counts for everything – from front of office to behind the scenes.



    With more than £60 million invested in manufacturing technology over the last 10 years, Bisley offers the ultimate marriage of engineering and craftsmanship. Superior technical skills mean better quality, precision and accuracy. All of their products are hand finished, and go through a rigorous 16-point inspection process.

    All Bisley products are adaptable and can be adjusted to suit customer-specific requirements. The impressive range includes numerous filing and storage options from personal lockers and drawer units to pigeonholes and recycling units, all of which can be modified to meet future needs.