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  • Design Innovation & Awards: The Hopper Table


    Hopper has been awarded 9 times!  Must be a world record, right?


    Hopper is yet another casebook example of the Extremis philosophy: gathering people round a piece of outdoor furniture which unites functionality and innovation.  Hopper clearly bears resemblance to the traditional picnic tables everybody know, but as is typical of Extremis, it offers extra comfort. The four pass through zones make it easy to get in and out of Hopper without having to lift your leg over the bench or disturbing your table-companions. Its slanted legs and tabletop edges are a clear reference to the hop poles that are characteristics of the Westhoek region. If you turn around, you can use the tabletop as a comfortable backrest…



    The first prototype of Hopper goes back no less than almost ten years. Simplifying the original idea has taken quite some time. Designer Dirk Wynants also spent planting and growing his own hop garden. With his first harvest, he brewed his very own beer and called it Tremist. There is nothing better than a local beer full of character to symbolize the link between authenticity and innovation. Or, to drink a toast to yet another great tool for togetherness…


    • Hopper is available in four sizes, seating for four, six, eight, or ten people.
    • For balconies and public spaces in particular, Dirk Wynants has also created a Hopper version with a single bench and a tabletop that is only as wide as its leg.
    • Hopper can be combined with a purpose-designed sunshade bearing strong resemblance to the hop-growing fields. Hopper Shade can also be used as a freestanding sunshade.
    • The materials used are FSC labelled hardwood (Iroko) or PEFC labelled (H.O.T.wood), galvanised steel for the frame and the legs, which are also available in powder coated aluminium (white, red, earth colour or black). Iroko wood has the advantage that you can make each tabletop segment from a single piece of wood.