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  • Designer Dossier: D. Wynants



    Dirk Wynants (1964) is the founder and owner of Extremis. He is also the company’s head designer and devised the powerful branding concept ‘Tools for Togetherness’. The son of a cabinet maker, he studied Interior architecture and furniture design at the Architecture Institute Sint-Lucas in Gent, Belgium and soon founded his company Extremis in 1994. He is still the full owner and president of the board of directors, but gives priority to designing and art direction. Next to that, he is managing director of his own design studio Dirk Wynants Design Works (founded in 2006).



    Extremis gained an international reputation as a trendsetter in outdoor furniture in just a few years, and this success story is closely linked to the inspired personality and ideals of its entrepreneur-designer. More than anyone else, he takes his inspiration from a committed and creative vision of design. He not only devotes his attention to material needs, but also explores ways of responding to socially relevant issues. He considers contemporary design more than simply a matter of trendy and attractive objects; it is all about innovative solutions that can make the world a better place.


    Dirk established Extremis for the realization of his own designs. The Gargantua garden table was his first ever Extremis product. The further development of Extremis as a company (and a brand) was actually based on the success of this first creation.

    Innovation, superior quality materials, a keen eye for functionality and ecology are part of the credo.

    Thanks to this attitude, Extremis soon became a worldwide renowned design collection. Dirk’s designs already won many awards and so did his company for design management, general management and export. The fact that he never follows the mainstream, but always brings innovative and progressive design, certainly forms part of this success story.