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  • Stay Chair

    Versatility at its finest.
    STAY by Marcelo Alegre for Actiu


                 If we can alter or personalize our clothes and remodel our car, why can´t we modify our work chair to our own preference and make it more comfortable and personal? Alegre Design’s very own Marcelo Alegre gave birth to STAY for Actiu, a chair designed and created with an ability to blend-in and adapt to any workplace or communal space. He came up with a new concept of the office chair, global but close to the user, whose main quality is more enhanced.  Stay’s sophisticated appearance gives the answer to a variety of needs, easily harmonizing into numerous environments.

    “The users are able to configure the chair,
    introducing improvements and accessories
    personalized in a way that until now has only been
    known in the car industry.”


    - Marcelo Alegre




                 STAY is a high quality and competitive operative chair, an innovative product for its high moldable capacity. A chair selected at the Delta Awards, 2013 for its freshness, comfortability and high sustainability. The innovative design of the back support offers a great deal of freedom of movement. The seat and the armrests allow total adjustment from the seated position, ensuring that the user uses minimum effort to maintain or change their position.




                Stay includes four (4) back tilt positions offering tilt angles from 10° at the upright block position up to 30° at the maximum angle. The chair’s distance between the seat from the back can also be adjusted allowing the chair to adapt to different user anthropometrics. Its seat height can also be adjusted using a gas lift by simply lifting up the knob under the seat. 





                 Unlike any traditional office/task chair, Stay can blend in the modern and stylish layouts of the corporate world.  Stay is available in various colors and different finishes. Studies show that color can affect one’s mood, enhance cooperation and communication. Having different color and finish choices, we can adapt our work chair to our tastes after all without having to sacrifice comfortability and sustainability.