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  • Cool Working


    From its humble beginnings in 1968, ACTIU prides itself as a leader in the innovation and sustainability of office & workspace design. The company’s identity grew exponentially across the globe, building strong relationships with countries through the years. Its international recognition allowed it to influence the market with campaigns and advocacies that promote movements from the efficient management of energy resources, to the proper implementation of work & life balance.

    Earlier 2016, Actiu launched its latest campaign deeply rooted on the well-being of people in the work setting. Introducing Cool Working, a concept developed to create flexible work environments where the people’s well-being is of the highest value. The core principle of this ideology of putting the needs of employees first, aims to boost productivity & talent among people. Actiu is trying to achieve this by heavily integrating these concepts through space planning, and furniture development.


    A Way of Living and Working

    Cool Working’ is the new motto that Actiu has adapted to its company philosophy. Actiu’s Head of Communication & Corporate Strategy Soledad Berbegal said, “Cool Working is a new way of relating to each other at Actiu and has been a comprehensive rethinking of our working methods: we have reflected on our timetable, our functions and on the way of collaborating between departments, our production methods and even a redesign of spaces and of the furniture employed”.

    Amidst emerging trends of flexible working hours and digital transformation, the dynamics on how we approach work has shifted into a new pattern in the workplace. We are dealing within a more varied and transient population from different generations. This comes with different perceptions and work culture that we have to adapt to.


    Employees want to achieve work-life balance, where they can feel satisfied about themselves in performing their work duties and in experiencing most of life. Thus the increasingly popular “working from home” trend. Giving employees more autonomy towards their work gives them the opportunity to efficiently manage their activities and in effect, lessen their stress levels.

    This movement revolutionized the way how businesses work in our generation. A new challenge arises for companies on how they could bring in and retain talents to the workplace, while making them feel at home. This paved a way to create healthy solutions where labor well-being and productivity is directly influenced by proper design and analysis.


    How the Work Space Impacts Productivity & Efficiency

    There is a rising need to create working environments where we can feel comfortable, and where we are more productive and creative. The traditional model of employees in fixed workstations is becoming less dominant in a fast paced environment.



    Incorporating the Cool Working attitude in workspace & furniture design gives opportunities to generate creative solutions in directly causing positive effects to employee performance and tackling issues tailor fit to the working culture and identity of businesses.


    To better understand the concept, it is fundamental to identify the categories of working styles: Collaboration, Socialization, Learning, and Focus.



    Collaborative work requires spaces designed to promote cooperation & teamwork. By building intimate spaces with good sound absorption, it encourages communication and creativity flow.



    Socialization, also known as “the homification of the office,” aims to create an ambiance close to home. As much as possible, you want to keep a calm and cozy environment where people can freely unwind with colleagues. This can be easily achieved with sofas, bean bags, and other soft seating furniture.



    Learning  or Training  workspaces need flexible rooms where it can be easily adjusted based on the number of participants, or the nature of the activities. It is important to create a space that is conducive for learning and encourages people to actively participate. Modular tables & stackable chairs are the best fit for this type of workspaces.



    Lastly, Focus requires total concentration and detailed work. Areas of this type of work style demand optimal sound proofing to prevent distractions and unwanted attention. Ergonomic chairs and height-adjustable tables enhance the work experience by making employees feel comfortable throughout the day.


    Cool Working should be understood as a strategic tool for growth in contributing to the value of the businesses and its people, where their well-being is considered as absolute priority. This improves on several unseen aspects such as health & ergonomics, emotions & motivations, and among others that can sow long term benefits. With this approach in space planning and design, it promotes an optimistic atmosphere that creates a sense of security and progressive lifestyle for its employees.



    Positivity breeds productivity. As stated by Ms. Berbegal, “Efficiency and productivity go hand in hand with the satisfaction of a job well done. For us this is Cool Working and we know that an important part of this goal is achieved thanks to furniture that can adapt itself to these environments”.